Our mission is to bring the greater public closer to one of the world’s most intrepid sailboats, the S1MUNDUS Imoca Open 60, considered to be a “rally racer” of the oceans.

The S1MUNDUS combines the austerity of high-performance with the comfort and modernity of its facilities, specially transformed and adapted for 10 passengers and 2 crewmen.


What they’re saying about the SAILONE MUNDUS experience...

  • Felip Boixareu

    Felip Boixareu

  • Alberto Fiorenzi

    Alberto Fiorenzi

    “First day back in the office after doing the Ruta de la Sal with the SAILONE team. A memorable experience.”
  • Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    “A delightful crew. You have to work very hard to offer a gem like this.”
  • Julian Mace

    Julian Mace

    “Thank you for a fantastic experience. We’re ready to do it again.”
  • Gaby Solé

    Gaby Solé

    "Absolutamente todos los detalles estaban pensados, su belleza y armonía, la calidad de los materiales,y sobre todo lo bien que navegaba con todo el velamen desplegado."
  • Coke Costa

    Coke Costa

  • Josep Panyella

    Josep Panyella

  • Nick Petty

    Nick Petty

    “Thank you for an incredible time and for the amazing sailing experience aboard the Mundus.”
  • Carles Nogues

    Carles Nogues "Titus"

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