CHALLENGE Barcelona/Sóller


Complete the route Barcelona – Sóller (Mallorca), 100 nautical miles, in the fastest time possible to beat the current record.


  • Voyage to Sóller challenging the record in the S1MUNDUS IMOCA 60 monohull in the regatta format.
  • Optional return journey aboard.

What it is and what’s included:

  • Departure and arrival from Barcelona.- Lodging on the ship with security guards.
  • Freeze-dried food and drink for the two voyages.
  • Sailing suits and safety equipment for all participants.
  • Technical polo with a S1M record reminder.

Limited Spots:

  • Individual or team registration.
  • Limited spots according to order of registration.
  • The crew will consist of a maximum of 8 crewmen + 1 media man + 3 S1M CREW.

Record Procedure:

  • Departure window according to weather forecast between 6:00 and 9:00 A.M.
  • November start line buoy in front of Barcelona.
  • Finish line one mile from the green light in Puerto de Sóller, in a 1-mile radius.
  • The Imoca S1M’s captain will be in charge of starting the chronometre.


  • A good physical condition is recommended.
  • Adequate thermal clothing for expected wind or rain conditions.
  • The participant list and departure schedule will be available online at


  • ORANGE FIRE TIME S1M Equipment.
    (Shorts/Pants, Technical polo (x2), Casual polo, Belt and Hat.)
  • Return Sóller-Barcelona in helicopter.
  • Rest day in Mallorca.