What is SAILONE?

It’s the willingness to share the world of sailing, an IMOCA monohull, an expert crew, the environment, teamwork, efficiency, respect, friendship, fun, Barcelona...

What is the S1MUNDUS?

It is an IMOCA Open 60 class sailboat, the type that defines the world’s most intrepid monohulls. Conceived and optimized to navigate at extreme latitudes, it’s 18.29 metres long, 5.50 metres wide and has an 8 tonne capacity. It is constructed from carbon fibre, a strong and lightweight material that allows it to sail at high speeds. It can hold up to 10 sails and is certified to accommodate up to 12 people.

What do you need to prepare and bring?

You only need to remember to wear thermal layers and white-soled shoes. SAILONE provides the sailing clothing.

Is it available all year long?

The S1 MUNDUS is equipped and prepared to endure oceanic conditions and bad weather practically all year long.

What is sailing?

Aside from a sport, it is a way to form part of another medium, where one’s perspective and sensations are totally different. Embarking on a sailboat is always a disconnection, an adventure where you experience the strength of the wind, the waves and natural speed without additives or noise.

How many people can come aboard?

10 passengers and 2 crewmen. There are 8 adjustable bunks and 2 cabins available.

Where are we?

Our headquarters are in Barcelona.

How can I reserve an experience?

Online through our website or by telephone.

What risks should be understood?

Sailing is a dangerous sport. However, at SAILONE we offer an ample range of experience adaptable to the participants’ abilities.

What limitations must I keep in mind?

Children must be accompanied by adults.