It has two versions: the original version is the North, from Barcelona to Ibiza, with 140 mn of route; since 1991 the East version was added, from Denia to Ibiza, surrounding the island 120 mn south.
It is the height race with more participation of the Mediterranean. It is difficult because its long duration makes the weather variable. It is part of the circuit of four high-altitude races organized by the Association of Mediterranean Height Navigators (ANAM), and is the most important and the first of its annual calendar. They are organized by ANAM, the Royal National Cruise Association (RANC) and the maritime clubs of Sant Antoni de Portmany, Port Ginesta and Denia.

What they’re saying about the SAILONE MUNDUS experience...

  • Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    “A delightful crew. You have to work very hard to offer a gem like this.”
  • Nick Petty

    Nick Petty

    “Thank you for an incredible time and for the amazing sailing experience aboard the Mundus.”
  • Josep Panyella

    Josep Panyella

  • Alberto Fiorenzi

    Alberto Fiorenzi

    “First day back in the office after doing the Ruta de la Sal with the SAILONE team. A memorable experience.”
  • Gaby Solé

    Gaby Solé

    "Absolutamente todos los detalles estaban pensados, su belleza y armonía, la calidad de los materiales,y sobre todo lo bien que navegaba con todo el velamen desplegado."
  • Coke Costa

    Coke Costa

  • Carles Nogues

    Carles Nogues "Titus"

  • Julian Mace

    Julian Mace

    “Thank you for a fantastic experience. We’re ready to do it again.”
  • Felip Boixareu

    Felip Boixareu

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